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so if you must falter be wise

Happy birthday azewewish. I adore you madly B and I wish you the very best of everything. We'll have a drink n March to celebrate belatedly, yeah? *hugs*

I feel like there were many things I wanted to remember and post about once I got home, but now I'm here and I remember nothing. *hands*

If you desperately need my opinion on something or an update about anything, just ask. Ha.

My biggest "news" is that I start working again tomorrow, doing the second half of my practicum. I have nine days to do 60 hours, which is do-able but a bit daunting. It's at the main branch of the Dallas library, which is downtown, so that'll be a neat experience. Hopefully really busy too, so that the time will fly by.

And then, classes start again. Excellent.

I've decided to put aside all my thoughts and reactions and reservations about April's pregnancy and just concentrate on the good news. It's a baby! And that's awesome! So yay! I GET A NEW BABY IN AUGUST.

I have so many amazing friends and I've loved getting to see so many fangirls the past couple weeks. I wish I could like, have a one-on-one with everyone in the world. That would rock so much. I love you guys.

I have decided that my watchword for this year will be listen. And while I for sure want to slow down and listen more to other people (I've already failed at this today but every day's a new day, that's what I've been told, etc.), what I REALLY want to focus on more is listening to MYSELF. To forming my own opinions independently of other people, to recognizing when someone is irritating me and I need to walk away, to like things because *I* like them, to taking care of my body by paying attention to what it's saying. I want to focus on my own emotional health, mental growth and physical needs. And none of that can be accomplished without LISTENING.

I want to become who I AM.
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