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An unexpected side effect of working downtown? Homeless people. We had to call security three times just today to remove passed out people asleep at computer terminals.

It was a pretty day so I decided to eat my lunch out on the front steps. This turned out to be a mistake (see aforementioned homeless problem) but I did have a neat experience. The library is across the street from city hall and there was a whole mass of men, dressed in black, outside who were singing or chanting or something in a foreign language. It was freaking GORGEOUS. I asked the security guard what was going on. He didn't really know but thought it might be people protesting the war.

This afternoon, there was a branch director meeting and the director from the branch I worked at before Christmas came by to say hi. She said everyone missed me and that I'd made such an impact my "absence left a dent." I'm pretty sure that might be about the best compliment anyone ever has given me.

On my way home, I called my mom and she gave me some bad family news and then we had a HUGE fight. I feel sure we'll make up shortly but at the moment, I don't really care to speak to her anytime soon.

It all just made me feel very alone. And Invisible. Lonely and unneeded. Redundant.

And while intellectually I know that isn't at all true, emotionally I'm having a tough time grasping it.

Time for food and to get caught up on the PCA. Any news about SPN yet?
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