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ignoring all prior advice

I've been doing this dumb self-censoring thing lately where I'll make a post, leave it for about two minutes, completely panic ("No one wants to read THAT!") and then delete it. Repeat ad nauseum. It's weird and I don't know why I do it. It's like...all of a sudden I get LJ panic attacks. I don't even know!

I saw Jensen on Jimmy Kimmel and thought he was benignly adorable. The fish-muscle-shirt picture is amaaazing. I remain unconvinced on the sweater sets though. All he needs is a pipe and he'd be dressed like my grandfather in the 1980's. I mean, he's beautiful and SMOKING HOT all the same! Don't get me wrong! His grin slays me and it always will! Mmmm, Jensen.

It amuses me greatly how the little bit of my flist that I've seen today is all "weecest rules!" vs. "weecest is creepy!" Like this is the first time this conversation ever has been had. *blinkblink* It's not. We've been on this topic for YEARS! Which is not to say that there shouldn't be more, 'cause, well. You can see what side of that debate I come down on. *grabby hands*

Also, go on with your judging. I'm judging you for judging me, so it all shakes out.

Jumping back to Jensen (wha!), I haven't seen the Bonnie Hunt clip yet. That would involve having to STAND UP. Someone uploaded the Kimmel clip so I could see it without moving. I HAVE SEEN BONNIE HUNT. Jensen is so adorable! And he comes off personable and charming in this clip, I think. And I love the story about his sister-in-law. Awww, family!

I blame my sloth on the Dr Pepper and stale chocolate covered cherries I had for dinner. Mmmmm. Sugar.

I do not have to go back to work until noon on Sunday. This makes me happy! And I have J2 fic from both audrarose and annkiri to beta! MORE HAPPY! And I have about a zillion movies checked out to watch! YAAY! Ooohhh...you want to pick for me?

Poll #1328373 you pick!

Which DVD should I watch first?

Bridget Jones's diary
High school musical 2
The Incredibles
Mad hot ballroom
The rescuers down under

Today a guy at the library told me I didn't look like a librarian. I was like "why not?" He said because I didn't have a bun and a long skirt or glasses. For no reason at all, I found that hysterical.

OK, so what else is going on? I'm still not talking to my mom, so I'm lonely. You should come and converse with me for a bit. Tell me whatever is on your mind!
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