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Jared in the Bahamas

My local radio station just announced that next week they'll launch a contest to hear Kelly Clarkson in concert. I like her, so I was paying attention to see when the concert would be. Well, it's February 11 at the Atlantas Hotel in the Bahamas.

So I'm all..."The Atlantis! Best Nsync concert ever!" when they then say that it's part of four days of activities culminating in the premier of the new Friday the 13th movie (on Ft13th, obvs) and that all its stars will be there too. (The DJ: "Who is in THAT??" lol)

The concert is really their deal so they never mentioned the movie again, but! Jared will be in the Bahamas!

I'm thinking...press interviews in a Hawaiian shirt? Long romps with Jensen on the beach? Photo sessions by the pool? Those big hands wrapped around a coconut drink with an umbrella in it?

YES. It's like, the fangirl lottery jackpot! I want FIC. And there better be pictures! And, Jaaaaared!
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