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I'll gladly climb your walls if you'll meet me halfway

♥ I have been having major trouble with my internet connection for about the last 24 hours. Every time I open a window, the whole thing times out before it loads. Very frustrating. I'm trying to leave comments, etc. but it just isn't woooooorking!

♥ I have become obsessed with Remember the Milk. It's an online To Do list. I love how it's set up AND I can send myself emails from my Blackberry and they show up as tasks on my list. SCORE.

♥ Go check out notjustroomates. It's a new J2 schmoop comm, and who doesn't love more schmooooop? The twist is that the comm will offer monthly challenges and writing prompts. It has the potential to be a lot of fun, so...go join!

♥ NEW SPN TODAY. I hadn't really thought I missed the boys that much, to be honest. But I woke up GLEEFUL about new show tonight! Yay YAAAAAY!!

♥ I have purchased my ticket to see MBV Friday, though I need to go back and check about the 3-D-thing as I don't recall seeing that mentioned. Is it only 3-D if you see it at an IMAX?

♥ Today is my last day of practicum. Someone take a letter:

Dear 135 hours:



In all seriousness, it's been an awesome experience but I am ready for a BREAK. This last week has been a little slow, which makes the days really looooong. I can't get on LJ at work, but I can get on gmail, soooo I think you guys should email me lots today to keep me company? Yes? YES.

See you on the flipside babies!
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