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Family Remains

Does Sam even HAVE a storyline this season? I mean, beyond looking mournfully at Dean every now and then...

Also, sadly, I'm starting to lose sympathy for Dean. I am right on the edge of "I don't care anymore" about him. And I HATE THAT. I don't want it to be that way. Just...DO something about it already or shush it up. Or, maybe, take the amnesia pill that helped Sam get over being dead and resurrected/offering his soul to demons/being in line to lead all of Hell, etc. (even Hell is focused on Dean this season!)

I love the show, I DO. But I just get, ARG, frustrated with it sometimes.

Frankly, I think what they're doing to both Sam and Dean this season borders on character assassination. Who ARE these people??

Oh and in case you missed it the last four seasons: Sometimes good people do bad things. *drops anvil*

*bangs head on desk*

But, whoooooboy did Sam look HOT AS FIRE, per usual. Man, clearly Jared eats his Wheaties. *swoon*

NOW. I have a MBV ticket in two hours and can't waaaait to focus on gorgeous Jensen, on the big screen! *beams*
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