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Stu the Cockatoo is New at the Zoo

Ready for random?

♥ I've become addicted to hot green tea. NOM. It keeps me awake at night though so I'm going today to look for a decaf version...they make that right?

♥ I've also been trying (and failing) to cut back on my dairy. Soy milk seems obvious but I really dislike the taste. I try and I just CANNOT do it. I have some rice dream in my fridge that I'm trying to work up the nerve to put in my coffee tomorrow. *sigh*

Big Bang Theory moodtheme! WOOO. I'm so happy this show finally is getting some attention from fandom. It's hilarious. (Side story: My Dad is convinced he's Leonard, but really he is EXACTLY like Sheldon and that only makes the entire show even MORE amusing, to be honest.)

♥ Check this out: Must-have gadgets for ghost hunters. Kinda neat! (Is Sam moonlighting as an author for extra cash?)

♥ Has anyone tried the London Fog tea latte at Starbucks? I am intrigued. And I loooove Earl Grey. But, I don't know. I want someone else to try it first and report back!

♥ I just discovered last night that you can download movie trailers on itunes and keep them on your ipod. WOOOO. I snagged F13, MBV and, uhm, Twilight. So now I can stare at Jared and Jensen's pretty faces even MORE. (Although Y'ALL. I hadn't seen the new, more intense version of the F13 trailer, I about peed in my pants watching it, even with the sound off! EEEEEK.)

♥ Today I have to go to the bank, the dentist and the grocery store. Then I have to clean my house and then figure out what the heck is going on with my classes. I'm considering switching my one in-person class to an online section, which is more nerve-wracking than you might imagine.

♥ Have a happy day babies!
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