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Last night I dreamed about recycling. Welcome to my exciting life! *thumps self in forehead* I'm totally pretending it was a fever dream.

Still sick. Still pathetic. *moan*

Does anyone out there in LJ-land use Nespresso coffee pods? I have a huge PILE of them that I will not be using and I will give them to you (FREE!) if anyone will actually use them. Bueller?

In my adult fiction class this semester, we have to read a novel a week (which seems like an ambitious pace to me) from a specific genre, and then do this massive report on it. By pure coincidence, the first week is Mystery and I just finished a mystery the day before the class started, so I'm using that. I'm mostly trying to use books I've read before so that I can just refresh myself versus reading from scratch every single week.

But I need a recommendation for a Western novel and a Christian fiction novel. Anyone have thoughts? I'd like to get myself a week ahead, if at all possible and I already have books picked for all the other genres.

I *have* to get out and run errands today. First of all, I need food. Second of all, I dropped my Blackberry and it's giving me a SIM card error and I want to weep.

I can think of no way to end this post, so...THE END!
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