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hot tea is my only friend

♥ I went to the doctor yesterday and I have an ear infection and a sinus infection. She said lungs are the next step. I have antibiotics. Still feel like death.

pocketfullof is gathering donations for the American Lung Association, in Kim Manners's memory. Please go check out her post and consider giving something.

♥ Yesterday I was reading the People magazine issue about Obama's inauguration (I know) and ran across this quote, which...y'all. It tears me up every time I see it.
"I read history books and they don't say anything about black Presidents," the fifth grader said. "We got one -- that's amazing."
--10-year-old Freddie Hazzard, Delaware
♥ Will anyone else admit that they watch Man v Food? Ohmygosh it's an addictive show! Last night I saw the one focused on Austin and they totally went to Saltlick. *beams*

♥ What approximate temperature do you keep it in your house? I am freezing all the time. I bought a little thermometer to keep on my desk and I think the number on it SHOULD be warm enough (even though it isn't). What do you aim for?

♥ People on FaceBook keep friending me and saying we went to high school together and I have ZERO memory of them. Why do they know me and I don't know them? *frustrated*

♥ Does anyone have Kelly Clarkson's new album?

♥ Lastly, I would like to discuss these two pictures of Sam from last week's episode. HOW SO HOT SAM.

I snagged those caps from a post alena2b made.

I love how his clothes just look slightly too tight. And his CHEST. And the shaggy hair! And the sleeves rolled up to show off his forearms! *gurgles* SAM. BE MY VALENTINE.
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