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I am still very sick and really wishing my doctor's office was open today so I could get her to look at my ears, which are killing me. But, it isn't.

Anyway, I haven't had energy to do much lately. Thank goodness I'm not working, I don't even know how I'd be getting through the day. As it is, I'm mostly just laying around and even that seems to be over-taxing my energy.

I finally watched "High School Musical 2". I know many people on my flist love it, so I won't pan it, but these are just not the movies for me.

I also watched "Into the Wild" last night, which was very good and well done, though I don't think they really communicated McCandless's story very completely. I've read the book about 20 times, I'm not sure why I have such a fascination with it. I remember the first and last times and they are this:

The first time I read "Into The Wild" was in 1996, after it had just been released. I was newly out of college and working my first Real Job. A friend's younger sister would sometimes come over and clean my apartment and I'd give her $20. It was mostly a way for her to earn extra money. Anyway, I came home from work one day and she was sound asleep on my couch with Into the Wild on her chest. I had a stack of library books on my table and she'd picked them up, seen that one and been unable to resist reading it straight through.

The most recent time I read it was after they announced it was being made into a movie. It was the book I was reading in Las Vegas when Andrea, Rachel, De, Jackie and I went there to see Justin Timberlake play.

Last night I also finished reading All the Pretty Horses by Cormac McCarthy. (This is for my Adult Fiction class, so technically it counts as homework!) Anyway, it was unexpectedly really good. It's written in a style I don't care much for and I spent the first half the book being very "BLAH" about it all and then some bad stuff happens and I was lying there in bed weeping, sort of stunned that I was so attached to these characters after all.

It's a really good and engaging story that loops back on itself multiple times to fit pieces together, which I love. But man. Talk about depressing! It was really hard to read and there's no happy ending and, I don't know. Books like that are difficult for me to process because they just emotionally wreck me. There are two more books in the series but I'm not sure I can bear to read them.

Today I'm going to attempt a trip into Fort Worth to go to dinner with the family for my brother's birthday. Wish me luck!
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