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Some things...

Have just come back from the doctor. Still have an ear infection. She seemed rather alarmed that I can hear almost nothing in my left ear (!!) So, it's ten more days of antibiotics. MAKE ME WELL. That's all I'm askin'.

Podfic from juice817 continues to make my LIFE. I listened to her recording of lazy_daze's Aural this weekend and, MAN. *fans self madly* So hot good.

Also making me happy? This icon. I considered making it my default, even. But then I had Jared-anxiety and couldn't do it yet.

Tomorrow Mom is taking Addison to the doctor, so I'm going to meet up with them after and have lunch. YAY BABY TIME! Also a happy thing. *adds to list*

I am eating a red velvet cupcake with cream cheese frosting and it is amaaazing. NOM.

Yesterday I spent some time trying to read a little "Big Bang Theory" fic. There isn't much and most of it seems to be Sheldon/Penny, which...1) Awkward. 2) Weird. 3) Penny? Not my favorite. *sadface* I know good fic must exist out there somewhere but mostly I'm just sad that it doesn't all have Jared and Jensen in it, SO.

I feel a bit like I'm missing my inspiration lately. I just need something in real life to come along and INSPIRE me and it isn't there. I'm working hard to find it, but it just is eluding me right now. Tell me, what inspires you?
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