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...but I'm fine!

Last night, the weather here was REALLY bad. Thunderstorms and high winds, marble-sized hail, etc. I was reading a book on the couch when the tornado sirens started going off. After a few minutes, I was like..."HMMM. Maybe I should do something?" And then my electricity went out.

Now, you have to know that I am not someone who freaks about weather. I'm safe in my house and most panic is nothing but hype. But this was REALLY bad and the sirens were CONTINUING to go off, so I grabbed my cell phone and called my parents.

My Dad answered.

Wendy: Bad weather! Sirens! Hail! Etc!
Dad: Did you turn on the TV?
Wendy: No electricity!
Dad: You need a battery-operated radio, or something.
Wendy: Probably, but instead, I CALLED YOU.
Dad: Oh. Well. We can't look on the TV because we're watching the Westminster dog show and taping it at the same time, so we can't change the channel.
Wendy: ...
Dad: Don't you just love the little Scottie dogs?
Wendy: DAD. The sirens are STILL going off! I think the hail just cracked a window. Help me!!
Dad: You know, you don't need to worry about hail damage. That's your landlord's problem.
Wendy: ...
Dad: So, you want to talk to your mom?
Wendy: YES.
Mom: *grabbing phone* Was he talking to you about the DOG SHOW?
Wendy: YES.
Mom: Why are men clueless???
Wendy: I'M SAYIN.

Then my electricity came back on. *phew*
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