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I'm the one who charmed the one

Hey y'all, it's a beautiful morning! The sun is shining, I can hear birds outside my window, I am HAPPY!

kickaboutheart, sorry for disappearing last night, I got distracted by Top Chef. And may I say...YES. The correct final four (including my faaaavorite) made it through and I am very pleased.

Yesterday my practicum supervisor sent me a copy of the evaluation he turned in on me, and which determines my grade. It was GLOWING. I sent a copy to my mom and dad and my dad emailed back a note that said "I am so proud of you" in HUGE, bold letters. I maybe cried a little. It was an amazing moment, I felt so good!

I am very excited about the next few days! Tomorrow I am going to see JARED! On the big screen! I've never seen Jared on the big screen before! It will be amazing! I barely can wait! *bounces*

THEN! After I've recovered from gore and Jared's hotness, I'm going to made cupcakes from scratch! On Saturday, I'm taking the cupcakes over to my mom's and we are going to dress Addison up in a frilly dress and take her to have Valentine pictures made. It will be epically...epic. And fun! And then I get to play with my baaaaby all day! And listen to fun podfics during my drive there and back! Yaaaaay!!

ALSO. madame_d and I have been talking about Jared's adorable scruffy face at the the F13 premier. Scruff is itchy, ya know. There should be fic about Jared asking Jensen to scratch his beard. And, you know, touch his face. And uhm, Jensen LOVES this job! I bet he could spend many TV-watching hours just rubbing and touching and feeling and wishing Jared would rub that scruff on Jensen's naked body....mmmmmm. YES PLEASE!

*runs around in crazy, happy circles*
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