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Friday the 13th

Have just come from seeing Friday the 13th. There are no spoilers under the cut, just my reactions and opinions, ok? However, if someone wants to talk specifics in comments, I'm HAPPY to!

First! Let's talk about good things!

Jared is a hotass. I know, it's shocking! He spends the whole movie in a tight t-shirt and tight jeans. He's sweaty and dirty and scruffy and his hair is allll in his face. He's constantly flexing his biceps and letting out this heavy breathing and panting, NGH. Also, he says "Oh fuck!" and it's mmmmmm.

I think Jared did a good job of losing himself in the role, there were time when they'd close-up on his face and I'd be like..."Oh yeah! JARED." I also totally bought he and Jason fighting, they looked evenly matched, which I know the movie-maker-people were going for.



Yeah, that's about it. If you like the standard chop-'em-up horror flick then you'll like this. I don't at all and I was disappointed that there was nothing new or surprising in it. (For example, in MBV I was SHOCKED several times at twists I never saw coming. Not so much with F13.)

I had no attachment at all to any of the characters except Clay, Whitney and Danielle Panabaker's character (whose name I can't remember despite leaving the movie theater only 20 minutes ago.) This is disappointing because Jared has mentioned several times in interviews that he finds it humorous that horror movies always try to moralize deaths, i.e. only the smoking, drinking, sexy-having kids die! Well, that didn't change here. I was actually rooting for Jason to kill some of them. "Yeah, get THAT one next, he's a dumbass!"

Jared also has said that the past Jason movies were cheesy and this one isn't. Uhm, sorry. I disagree, a lot. I laughed out-loud a couple of times in places I'm pretty sure you weren't meant to be laughing.

It is gross and bloody and scary, so if you like that...you'll like this.

I had convinced myself that this movie was going to be Jared's mainstream breakthrough but...now I just don't see it. Which is really sad and disappointing to me. Ahhh well. Next summer = a new movie for Jared, and a new chance.

In conclusion: Jared is beautiful.

More frightening than the entire movie was the fact that the couple behind me brought an itty-bitty, teensy baby with them. WTF people? So not ok.
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