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Per everyone else, I'm so blow away by all the love and nice things at the Valentine's Love Meme. Every comment means the world to me and I am so incredibly appreciative of all of you.

One of my most favorite things to do after the V-Day game is over, is to read the love left for people I don't know. It always gets me excited because there are clearly all these AMAZING people in fandom and I don't know some of them yet! It just reminds me why I'm here, it makes me feel good.

Thanks to everyone who texted me yesterday. I had my phone in my front jeans pocket while we were at the hospital and Addison kept patting my hip and saying "Play the sooooong Wendy!" (The song in question was "Carry on My Wayward Son," which plays whenever I get a text message.)

My hard drive is full. Like, completely full. Apparently this is the cause of the computer problems I've been having the last couple months and now it's so full that there isn't even room for system operations to run. WHOOPS? The cheap(er) and easy solution is to buy an external hard drive, which I'm off to do this afternoon. Dad showed me the instructions for his and I think I can install it and set-it up ok. Cross your fingers for me!

And THEN. I need to move itunes and all my music files to that new hard drive. Though it looks like you need an engineering degree to manage it, instructions for doing so do exist and I'm gonna give 'em a shot. *nervous* I really hope I can do this without ruining everything!

I have more to update about but I'm still pretty scattered. I'll be back this afternoon after I'm made progress on putting life back in order again! *blows kisses*
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