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now...tell me about you!

Still seem to be running behind with EVERYTHING, how did this happen and why can't I seem to get caught up again??

Last week I read Coraline by Neil Gaiman. It was good and very unique and a fast JF read. I liked it and expect the movie is pretty good too as it's a very visual story.

I also read the second and third books in the Administration Series. I remain fairly meh about them, which is disappointing as a lot of other people really liked them. I just noticed there were some short stories on the Web site that I don't recognize. I'll probably skim them. My main complaint is that the main relationship never receives any closure and only minimal growth, so maybe these are the missing pieces.

For my adult fiction class, the genre was thrillers and I read The Miracle Strain by Michael Cordy. I thought it was awful and over-complicated and I don't recommend it. However, it is being made into a movie apparently, so...*handwave*

I watched Prince Caspian yesterday and enjoyed it. The CGI was a little distracting at times, but I still love the way Aslan looks...just like he does in my head, honestly. I was disappointed that they chose to tone down so much of the symbolism though, as that what's makes this actually an interesting story, and the addition of the doomed teen romance was so unnecessary. However, my William Moseley crush is back in full force. I love him!

I saw Friday the 13th last week, as you know, and I'm so pleased to see that it smashed box office records over the weekend. GO TEAM PADALECKI.

I have successfully installed my new external drive, GO ME. I also think I got my itunes files moved over ok too, though I haven't actually tried to sync my ipod yet, so...the final verdict remains to be seen.

Still haven't watched Dollhouse or the new Amazing Race.

Question unrelated to media of any kind:
What's the difference (if any) between eye cream, eye serum and regular moisturizer??

I tried making red velvet cupcakes this morning and it was a spectacular failure.

Admit it, you love when I update about completely random things. *grin*
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