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I read two books last week. The first was The Accidental Demon Slayer by Angie Fox. I read this for the Romance genre of my class. The basic plot is a woman's powers wake up on her 30th birthday ans she discovers she comes from a long line of witches and has a legacy to kill some Big Bad. Then her motorcycle-riding-Redneck Grandmother gets kidnapped and Lizzie has to go to Hell to get her back. The romance comes in the form of Lizzie's guardian who is a shape-shifting griffin. Also? Greek. Yum.

The book isn't great and it tries so hard to be clever that it often wanders into "annoying" instead. But, it takes absolutely no brain power to process it and that's just what I wanted. It's the sort of book that's perfect for reading on an airplane.

I also read The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman. I chose it because it won the 2009 Newbery Award. It's the story of a boy. When he's two years old, a man sneaks into the house and kills his mom, dad and sister. But the boy manages to crawl away and down a hill, near a graveyard. The ghosts that live there protect him from the man and eventually adopt him as one of their own. It's a really neat contrast to see this boy, who is alive, growing up in a graveyard full of ghosts, who are dead. The characters are amazing and the story is really well-done. After I finished, I closed the book and realized there were tears streaming down my face. It's very powerful.

And though Gaiman admits to being inspired by The Jungle Book (the real, Rudyard Kipling version, not the stripped-down Disney version), it still is one of the most unique story ideas I've every come across. And it all is just perfectly done. Also, the illustrations are creepy, unique and perfect, they add so much to the story. I LOVED this.

A movie version already is in the works, but I really encourage you to check out the book first. It's so, so good.

Yesterday I watched Monsters, Inc. and it also manages to remain hilarious and unique. This movie is so much fun!

I also watched the Oscars, which I really enjoyed. I loved how they announced that acting awards, with the previous winners coming out and I loved how they announced each nomination, as an actual tribute. I LOVED it. I also really appreciate that so many of this year's winners seemed so in awe of the process, really excited and full of love. It was a nice change.

For everyone who couldn't find Ten Inch Hero in their Blockbuster, you can pre-order an "official" copy right here. After you add in shipping, it's about $24.

AND. Check out this vid: The Sopranos, Uncensored. It's a montage of every single curse, from every single episode of the Sopranos, ever. It's 27 minutes long and very, very NSFW.

I also found out that you can do group chats via G-Chat! So exciting! YAY.

Now I'm off to eat my last cinnamon roll and listen to the Slumdog Millionaire soundtrack on repeat for awhile. Then I'm going to start watching season one of Bones, finally. Have a good Monday y'all!
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