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your train of thought will be altered

I wanted to make an update this morning but now I'm here and I can't think of anything to say and I know admitting that is a really enticing way to DRAW YOU IN.

I bought some quinoa but now I don't know what to do with it. Any suggestions?

I've decided to check all three seasons of Supernatural out from my library once a month in order to keep the circulation numbers up.

On the most recent Iron Chef America (with Flay), Adrienne from Top Chef was the competitor's sous chef! Very exciting. Oh HEY! Top Chef finale is tonight! WOOT.

Val is all adorably curled up asleep in the sunspot next to me. I think her back legs are hurting her again, which...I just have to not dwell on too much.

Jared: Tell me all your fantasies.
Jensen: You.

Hmmm, I suppose I'm done. FOR NOW.
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