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Hey! It's Saturday!

I have a question. How do you, as writers, feel when someone asks you to write more on a story or verse?

I don't mean someone who comments randomly to a post you made ages ago demanding that you "WRIT MOAR OMG!!1!," while you clearly are thinking that if you haven't updated your epic Jared-is-a-mountain-climber-seeking-the-Jensen-guru-at-the-top* fic in the last three years then you probably aren't GOING to, what I mean is when...you ask for timestamps and I say "gimme more of that same verse I always ask for," or when you ask for story ideas and someone says "I want to know how mountain climber Jared got his boots!" or when you say you don't know what to work on next and I say "you know what I want you to be working on!"...

Is that a compliment? I mean, I would think it has to be flattering that people like your stuff so much that they want MORE. On the other hand, I wonder if it makes you want to smack me people for constantly requesting things you have no desire to actually produce.

(I promise, I mean it as a compliment. In case there was confusion.)

*Why doesn't that exist?**
**Also with the not existing? J2 Flashdance AU. With Jensen as the welder, Jared as the dancer and Chad as the figure skater***?
***(Maybe skateboarder in an updated world?)
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