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This week in my adult fiction class, we're doing the Romance genre and I am about to BUST A GUT because people keep posting their book reports and I'm like "how on earth have I read SO MANY of these??" and then I realize that I HAVEN'T. I've read the spn_harlequin versions of those same plots. *major facepalm* But MAN OH MAN is it making me nostalgic for those type of J2 stories again!

Today I am making Peruvian Baked Quinoa and Cheese (to eat today) and then I'm going to make Cheesecake Cookie Cups to take to my parent's house tomorrow night for dinner. It's all very exciting.

I have some horrible, boring, technical reading to do today for school. I'm going to alternate chapters with fanfic, as my reward. Motivation is key!

I am having a bit of a day where I feel like working for happiness is a tough thing. But I am both determined and trying. So, in that spirit, I want everyone to either post or comment about something that's making them happy today. Let me revel in your joy!
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