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Writing is a compulsion.

I'm in a class chat with Jayne Ann Krentz, who has written, you know, a mere 122 novels.

How's this for inspiration?

(student)> I was wondering, how did you get started writing?
Wendy > and do you really start at 7 a.m. every day? :)
Jayne Krentz > I started writing in my early twenties after I got out of college. I was doing a lot of reading at the time and there came a point when I just wanted to tell the story my way.
Jayne Krentz > Wendy, no, usually 6 am. What can I say? I'm a morning person.
Jayne Krentz > I do my most creative work in the mornings. Knock off around noon for lunch. After lunch I do other kinds of work: research, rewrites, etc. But not usually creative stuff.
Jayne Krentz> And, yes, I work a certain number of hours every day when I'm on a book.
Wendy > def a full-time job...and then some, I expect
Jayne Krentz > Wendy: Yes, a full time job. But before I sold I got up at 3:30 am to write for a few hours before I went to my day job.
Jayne Krentz > So 6 or 7 am looks darn relaxed now.
Jayne Krentz > Actually, every successful writer I know writes in a disciplined fashion.
(student) > What dedication!
Jayne Krentz > Not dedication so much as an addiction. Writing is a compulsion. If you don't feel that compulsion, you probably don't make it as a writer.

ETA: Unrelated, but hilarious...

Jayne Krentz > I, personally, find the new vampire/werewolf/paranormal genre especially interesting to watch because it is where all the alpha males went when they became politicallly incorrect in contemporary and historical romance. You can't keep a good alpha down!
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