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sometimes I think sitting on trains

Hey people who make graphics! Did you see that the Annual WinCon Logo Contest opened? Winner gets a FREE con ticket and some other fun stuff so it's worth checking out. What have you got to lose? Nothing! What have you got to win? A weekend with fangirls! GO FOR IT!

I spent all morning cooking the pretty much the best thing I've ever made. The recipe actually calls for dried black beans, but I can buy canned ones that are nothing but beans, salt and a little oil, so that is WAY easier. I chopped up red peppers and leeks and steamed those, then added water, black beans, cumin, salt and pepper and let that cook allll morning until it had thickened up almost solid. Gave it a few shots with the stick blender just to thicken it some more and OMG! SO GOOD. I'm eating it as a burrito filling (with queso fresco and avocado) but the recipe also mentions it can be eaten as a dip with chips and...mmmmm. SO GOOD.

I have done so much homework this week. I am a homework MACHINE.

  • Paper Planes by MIA

    Still have my headache but it's more tolerable today. I'm managing to be productive, so that's satisfying.

    Tell me all about your day. *puts chin in hands*
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