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IN REGARDS TO THE Fandom Steel Cage Match, so far all the correct choices are winning, EXCEPT! Sheldon is losing. *glares* Well, Alec also is losing but DA vs DW? Not really a fair fight. I CALL CHEATING. So go cast your votes, if you haven't already. CHOOSE SHELDON WISELY.

Is there anyone reading this who will admit to watching The Bad Girl's Club? Holy crud, I just watched the most recent episode last night and they BEAT some girl down. 0_0 It looks like she presses charges in the next episode and I hope it's true and not just mis-direction because I would looooove to see those dumb girls in jail.

ALSO. Did you see the ep where they put cooking oil in that girl's face wash? I think about that every time I wash my face now. I live alone and yet I still am paranoid. URGH.
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