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why does my computer hate me?

OK, so here's the newest weird thing my computer is doing...

If the monitor is off or in sleep mode for any longer length of time, then it won't stay on. Like, ok. It's in sleep mode. I wiggle the mouse. The monitor blinks on and then the screen goes black. (But the power light stays on.) If I turn it off and on a few times, then it will stay on. It started out just needing three or four on-offs, but now I'm seriously up to about 20. Every single time my computer goes into sleep. I've tried turning the monitor off when I leave the computer, but it still does the exact same thing.

Any clues, oh all-knowing Flist?

Also, I'm sorry I've been so bad about commenting this week. And I too hate when people say that. I'll be better starting now, I promise. I just don't want people to think they're being ignored because I also hate THAT feeling too.
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