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Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Does anyone have any (or all) of the SPN gag reels in an ipod format? Pretty please!

I read two books last week. The first was The Hunter by L.J.Smith, the first book in the Forbidden Game trilogy. It's a YA horror book and reminded me a bit of Christopher Pike. It probably would have scared the crap out of me as a kid, though it was fairly benign adult reading. Definitely not The Best Book Ever, but I did request the next two in the series. I think the premise is pretty cool....basically, a girl buys a board game from a mysterious stranger and she and her friends get sucked into the game and it becomes real. Once inside, they have to each face, and overcome, their own worst nightmare. DUN DUN DUN!

The second book I read was AWESOME: Hero by Perry Moore. The book tells the story of the world's first gay teen superhero. Stan Lee already is developing a TV series version of the book, for Showtime.

The book has a neat plot about superheroes dying and the good guys trying to figure out why and how. But more interestingly, it does a home run job of contrasting the main characters quest to become comfortable with having superpowers, with his quest to be out to his family about being gay. How the gay storyline is handled is worthy of note because it's approached pretty much just like a teen het romance would be. Thom is nervous about his first kiss, worried his dad will be disappointed because of a storyline where the superpowers and romance intersect, we even get to see Thom lusting after a poster of a gorgeous superhero he's crushing on (you can see Uberman's nipples through his costume!) It's just handled really well.

There's also a really interesting plot line around Thom's Dad who is a misunderstood and disgraced superhero, who is far more than he seems. The author's note mentions that the father character is based on Moore's own father, who was a Vietnam vet. I really love how he weaves his own life and these fictional characters together, to bring them through the same journeys.

The author is a director, screenwriter, and was the executive producer of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. I thought this also was pretty awesome:
Moore says he wrote the book after being upset by a Marvel Comic in 2005. In X-Men: Age of Apocalypse #2, the gay superhero Northstar was killed by Wolverine. Moore believed that having one of Marvel’s biggest superheroes murder its most prominent gay character sent the wrong message to readers.

Moore subsequently created a list of GLBTQ superheroes who have met with torture, rape, disembowelment, decapitation, had their genitalia disfigured or removed, or retconned as heterosexual.

His growing awareness of the poor treatment of GLBTQ superhero characters led him to write Hero to present a more positive image.
Other then that, I watched more Bones (!!) and cleared out almost everything on my DVR. It is, of course, packed back up again now. I have a bunch of DVDs from the library that all are due this week, so they take priority. (It's a rough life.)

Aaaaand, here's some music:
  • Tiny Little Fractures by Snow Patrol
  • Three County Highway by the Indigo Girls
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