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Sunday Recs: Two J2

  • Garlic & Butter by frostian -- (Jared/Jensen, R) -- Jared was born with many gifts, but only one will give him the courage to take a stand for himself, and create magic out of the most humblest of things. Adapted from Ratatouille.

    I really like how this fic is structured, with each section feeling very complete and whole, yet they all fit together to tell one comprehensive story. It's like J2 crossed with Top Chef, what's not to love?

  • Home Improvement by facetofcathy -- (Jared/Jensen, NC-17, 13,000 words) -- Jared was a grown-up; he didn't need Jensen to look after him. Not his job. Not his house. Not his damn dogs.

    This fic also interests me in terms of structure as one of the main characters is absent for the entire first half, yet his presence is never missing. The story pacing is quite and melancholy, and I love that the author leaves so much both said and unsaid. I love that you actually can see Jared and Jensen's relationship grow and change as the fic develops, as they themselves grow and change.
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