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another reason fandom is amazing

So! The other day I posted about the comic from season one where Sam is followed around by a giant scribble ball of angst. It's hilarious and more than a little brilliant.

moonythestrals is the creator and artist, and she generously re-opened the comic posts tonight. THEY ARE HERE! SUPERNATURAL IS SUPERAWESOME! Read from the bottom up, so you can go in order.

I also maintain that Dean has acquired his own ball of angst this season and it's GIANT. missyjack says the balls ride around in the back of the Impala. I say Dean's has a single emo tear and Missy says Sam's has evil, very stylishly shaped eyebrows. *beams*

If you link over and check out the brilliant comic (WHICH YOU SHOULD DO), please leave moonythestrals a comment telling her thank you and that she's amazing, since she basically re-opened them just to do a nice thing.

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