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LA Con 2009 --- Jared and Jensen

I am home and exhausted and about to go right back to bed! I haven't read any LJ yet but I assume all the YouTube vids and pics and such from the con are starting to hit. I cannot wait to re-live it all!! If you see anything awesome come up, please link me. It all happens in such a real time blur, I don't want to miss getting to capture all the good stuff.

annkiri will write our con report (she just does such a good job!) so I'll leave the majority of details to her. But here are my photo opp and autograph stories, though all were far more rushed that normal (and thus not really great stories):

I did a solo photo with Jensen and a solo photo with Jared. The boys looked GORGEOUS, as I'm sure you agree.

Jensen was first and in a really good mood. "He's hugging people!" was passed all down the line as people came out after their pictures. When it was my turn, I stepped in place and joked that this must be the very worst part of his job. He pulled me up tight against him and said no way, that it was awesome to get to meet "all you guys" and that it just sucked that it had to be so quick. (AWW! Sweetness.) *click* I thanked him and then -- horrifyingly -- patted his chest a bit, smiled and walked away.

Then, this conversation took place:
annkiri: Are you aware that you just caressed Jensen's chest?
wendy: Actually, I was kind of hoping that part only happened in my mind.
annkiri: Oh, but it DIDN'T.
wendy: We must never speak of this again.
annkiri: UNLIKELY.

I now think of this as my I carried a watermelon moment.

Jared was beautiful. OMG. So hot. My photo opp with him went thusly:

Wendy: *waits patiently in line*
Jared: *makes eye contact* Hey Baby!
Wendy's brain: *gurgle*
Photographer: *click*

Have mercy.

I haven't unpacked the pic I had autographed yet, but I'll post it tomorrow. It's the same image as the one in my header. The autograph line was HUGE (I believe it took three hours for everyone to get through it finally), so they were really, really rushing people through.

I asked Jensen if his friends and family called him by any nicknames, like...Jen? He said no one calls him Jen, that most people call him "J" and that Kripke calls him "Jackles."

Jared had gotten reprimanded for taking too long joking with people just a few stops in front of us, so he was trying to be quick. annkiri asked him a question about restaurants in Austin and we both kept him engaged in that for both our signing times. And then they rushed us out. The end!

Have some pictures. (I tried to only take a "few" at the beginning of the panels and then to sit back and enjoy the rest of them.)

ETA: Errr...there are a lot of pics under the cuts. Be warned!

(All the rest of my Jensen pics are super blurry. Disappointing. I know someone else got better ones though!)

(FYI, the lighting difference in the above two pics? Solely other people's flashbulbs. !!!)


I'll post pics of Misha, Gabe, Aldis and Malik in the morning.

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