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LA Con 2009 -- Gabe, Aldis, Malik and Misha

This set of pics is all pretty bad. I had a setting knocked wrong on my camera for all of Friday and Saturday's panels and didn't realize until much later. Whoops.

And 99 percent of the Misha pics had his eyes closed. *shakes head* Not posting those but again, I know someone else got better ones.

I asked Gabe the question about being on Punkd. I canNOT get over Aldis only being 22 and Malik is GORGEOUS. I don't even know how he hid those pretty dimples on the show.

Ahd theeeen, here's my Misha story. At the Saturday dessert thing, they parade the celebs around and they each sit and talk with you for about three minutes. It's usually a little weird for everyone, I think, but everyone handled it really well this year.

Anyway, Misha sits and asks where everyone is from. mkay9, annkiri and myself were all sitting together and he remarked on that being the Texas contingent. He asked if we'd met online (you probably have heard by now that he's a bit fascinated by fandom in general) and we said yes but that we knew each other quite well and hang out in Texas too. He was like..."Doing...Supernatural-related...activities?" And we were like yeah, sure, but we do other stuff together too. And then he asked "Like what?" Well, our brains were on the spot and we fumbled for non stalker-ey answers and finally B blurts out that she sleeps on my couch and plays with my dogs and I mumbled something about going to the movies. Misha laughed and was all "Ohhhh, I can see there's more going on here but it's just not gonna come out right now." And then I facepalmed repeatedly. He was very sweet and gracious.

(ETA: annkiri tells the Misha story SO MUCH BETTER right here.)

Something I forgot to post yesterday about Jared and Jensen...I want to remember that when they were asking where everyone was from, all the far away people were shouting out countries and I yelled out "TEXAS!" and the boys liked that. (Someone else hollered out another state and Jensen was all "That's not a country!" HA. *sticks out tongue*)

Also, annkiri came up with the question about what it was like to have Eric directing again, and I actually asked it for her. I liked their answer, so I want to remember that we're the ones who asked about it.

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