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I wake up every morning, with a big smile on my face

Yesterday I complained about wanting icons from the LA con and not having any and today I have 25 icons saved down to my desktop, ALL of which I adore. Whoops? I clearly do not know the meaning of moderation. And yet...I also want an icon of Sam and Dean from last week that says Smith & Wesson. I know someone on my reading list used one but I can't remember who. Was it YOU?

I have spent three hours already today writing a paper. *wipes brow* It's only due tomorrow, not like I put it off until the last minute or anything. *look shifty*

Today I have an ice cream date with my buddy Cathy and her daughter Juliet. EXCITING. I haven't seen Cath since her negative diagnoses about a month ago, so I'm really looking forward to it.

And ALSO. New Kids on the Block are coming to Dallas in July! AND I THINK I CAN GO. I was really disappointed to miss them last October, so I'm very excited they're coming back and I can GO.

Have you guys seen this awesome article about the LA Con yet?
Part One. (Jensen)
Part Two. (Jared)
Part Three. (everyone else)

There are awesome pics and it covers some of the funniest moments of the con, as well as being generally gushy about the boys. *beams* I also am pleased that the writer agrees with me that Jared has baby fever: Jared recently became an uncle and I think this has flipped the switch on his “daddy gene.” He was positively puddley when he was shown the baby in the audience.

COME ON FANDOM. Baby!fic! *grabby hands* (Yes, I will keep saying ths until some one writes it!)

Lastly, I know everyone already has ooohhed and ahhhed over this, but I cannot WAIT to see Where the Wild Things Are! The trailer looks SO GOOD. See?

Now? Time to juggle ICONS.

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