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Sunday Recs: Two J2 + One SPN

  • Blame Game by topaz119 -- (Jared/Jensen, NC-17, 4,800 words) -- The kink? All Jared's fault. This fic is burning hot and full of SPANKINGS and intimacy, and then that sexiness is layered on top of absolute trust and intense emotion and lots of tender care on both sides. The emotional porn, the way both guys want it so much and are so invested in each other -- it's as sexy as the physical porn. It's everything I love most about Topaz's fics. And the bit with the hairbrush literally made me lose my breath.

  • Night Light by weesta -- (Jared/Jensen, G) -- Baby!fic! Baby!fic! Baaaaaaaaby!fic! This is my happy place for today. So sweet.

  • so damn good by meltingconfetti -- Smith & Wesson vid! This is so yummy, it makes me want to re-watch the episode. PRETTY BOYS in loooove!
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