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always swim with a buddy

For years I've heard "you always have the best friends!" or "you know EVERYONE." And I do know amazing people across a zillion fandoms (and even no fandoms!) who have cool interests and hobbies, some that might even surprise you.

And YOU? Should be friends with my friends too. *nods*


Flist Friending Meme!

Any or all of these questions are optional. If you just want to swing by with some basic info, then poke around to see who else is playing, that's fine too!

After you comment, see if there are any other comments that interest you! Commenting automatically invites people to friend you, but it's always nice to ask first or initiate conversation. Get to know each other! It's like...a virtual party. Be social! Have fun!

Be friends with each other! As ryogrande said, then I can stop pimping you out without your knowledge. *huge grin* (Thanks for letting me bum your idea Crys!)

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