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A Baby Boy! And some stuff about TV...

IT'S A BOY! Mom already called me in tears with the news. (I know this will make azewewish happy!) I say...it's just one more way for Addison and I to bond. (Mom: Over your annoying little brothers? Me: YES.)

Anyway, that's very exciting. Still working on picking a name, it changes every day. Ahhh well. WHEEEEE!

Check out this post, which is my fandom happy place today: LA Con Picspam & Art. I really love the wash (I'm sure that's not the actual term for it) she put on the pics. It's like, all my favorite things in one place! *beams*

I am completely caught up on Bones! Awesome because I can watch tonight's ep in real time, sad because now I can't gorge on Booth's gorgeousness for hours a day. I don't think I've ever watched a series through as fast as this one. It's SO GOOD, every single episode. If you haven't watched it, I demand you start! BOOOOONES.

Did they actually cancel Kings or just move it on the schedule? I haven't managed to watch any of it yet, though everything is hanging out on the DVR waiting. But if it's been canceled...

ALSO. Harper's Island starts tonight! I love that sort of show, so I hope it turns out to be good. Stars Jim Beaver and Katie Cassidy, if that helps sway you to watch.

I'm having lunch with an ex-co-worker today, which will be fun. Catch up to you guys again this afternoon! *blows kisses*
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