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In the last three days, I have eaten so many Reeses peanut butter cups that I'm not sure a big enough number exists to quantify it. SO MANY. If you cut my body open right now, it'd bleed peanut butter, I'm pretty sure. Bleh.

I am working on this inferential statistics assignment for school and it's horrible and I hate it and I cannot figure out how to do it. Last night I had a meltdown of epic proportions that included both sweeping everything off my desk as dramatically as possible, and composing hate mail to both my professor and my adviser (which I did not actually send.) I dreamed about inferential stats last night and woke up 100 percent confident that I'd figured it out in my sleep. Except my dream answers were the same answers the prof told me yesterday were WRONG.

Beyond frustrating.

So, I am putting that aside for now and working on something else for a bit. Then, I will read sexy J2 fic as a reward. (There should be college AU fic where one of the boys tutors the other and gives motivating rewards for correct answers). (Or, maybe temper tantrum fic. Jen has a bad day and gets beyond irritable so Jared uses soft words and touches to coax him back to calm. OR. Just handcuffs him down and teases the crap out of him until he falls asleep in an orgasm-haze.)


*kicks the wall on the way out* FEELS GOOD.
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