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it's a brand new day

Dear Universe:

I finally get it. I give in. I will stop trying to bend you to my own will and instead will follow where you're trying so hard to lead.

I surrender.

Still learning,

In other news...does anyone have the Adventureland soundtrack? How about the Fast & Furious soundtrack? (Also, is the only different in the F&F movies titles really the removal of the word "the"??? Confusing!)

I ADORE this quote:
It's completely improbable, and no one in Hollywood can understand it. Which is so thrilling!
--Meryl Streep on her newfound bankability

I am getting so excited about Big Bang fics! Some people have THE BEST IDEAS and I am so looking forward to rolling around in this awesome fic all summer. *claps hands* I can't wait to see what amazing ideas still are coming too. FIC! FIC! FIC!

We should play an LJ game today...what do we want to do? Any brilliant ideas or suggestions?
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