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it's hard to follow footprints in the shifting sand

The dogs woke me up at 7 a.m. On one hand, that's annoying. But on the other, I like getting up early and getting things done. I've already checked in approximately ONE BILLION Big Bangs this morning. It's very exciting.

So, today I'll be working on that and also I HAVE to finish my stats project today. This is the end, it's due. SO. Must be done!

Also, I have one DreamWidth code left if anyone still needs it.

Tomorrow I have to be up at 6 a.m. because I'm having an adventure Saturday! I'll tell you all about it once I make sure it isn't raining and I actually can go. I love having fun stuff to look forward to!

Yesterday I got my eyebrows waxed and the Asian lady who did it kept insisting to me that her kid's school had been closed due to swine flu. I live in a small town and I looked on the city Web site but I didn't see anything to that effect. So, I dunno. Then I went to Chipotle (which sadly wasn't that great) and it was full of teenagers discussing how swine flu was really an invention of foreign governments to hurt the US economy because moms have to stay home with their kids when their schools are closed. I DON'T KNOW. *frets*

If I don't check in your BB turn in my stats project, will the teacher accept "swine flu" as an excuse? No? BOO.

I am drinking the best cup of tea IN THE WORLD. I sort of wish I had 100 more mug fulls. OH WAIT.

How scattered am I today?? *runs around in crazy circles*

Tell me happy things!

ETA: fryttu just reminded me that tomorrow is Sam's birthday!! 100 bonus points to anyone who makes schmoopy, happy birthday porn exist. (No angst! I can't take it! *clutches heart*)
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