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Sammy-baby: Happy birthday! I still love you and believe in you. Always! --wendy

Have had a fabulous day. Went out to my old camp to see a presentation about renovations. It was amazing and I'm so excited about the new plans and a little overwhelmed by nostalgia. I will write more about this later.

Got to see Addison very briefly and her newest game is this: We always ask her to point out body parts (Where's your nose? Where's your knee? etc.) So Andy will say "Where's your armpit?" and when she raises her arm to point at it, he tickles her like crazy and she screams and laughs and it's amazing. But after a bit, she caught on and now when you ask her, she clamps her arms down tight and gives this really mischievous smile and squints her eyes and finally when she can't stand it, she lifts her arm and gets tickled. I LOVE IT.

The weather has been bad all day but the hail waited to start until I was driving home. The rain was SO HEAVY. But I got here ok. When I got close to home though, there were 1000 police cars. Did y'all hear that the roof on the Cowboys practice building collapsed? That's about two miles from my house. SCARY.

And it is STILL raining!

Now I'm home and sleepy and thinking about maybe watching a movie. Good times!
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