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the caution blocks you from the wind

Five Random Happy Things:

1. My semester is officially over and you will not have to hear me talk about school any more until May 30. YAY.

2. I am FULL of J2 love today. Seriously, I don't even know, I feel drunk on it. And I have nothing to do today but roll around in all the awesome fic I have bookmarked but not been able to read yet. *rubs hands in glee*

3. Friending Spree O' Happiness.

4. My laundry is done. My kitchen is clean. The trash is out. The groceries are bought.

5. This is Survivor finale week. WOOO. The photo caption on this blurb from ET Weekly pretty much made my life.

I want happy things from you guys too! Let's do pic spams and story updates and comment fic and happy lists and pretty pictures and EVERYTHING ELSE GOOD AND FUN YOU CAN THINK OF. GO!
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