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sugar and spice and everything nice

I had SO MUCH FUN today! I left my house very early and drove into FW to pick up my mom and then we drove to pick up Addison and THEN we drove back to FW to go to a birthday party for one of my friend's son.

My brother: Wait, you're taking my child to a birthday party for someone she doesn't even know?
My mom: When we need a kid, we borrow yours. That's how this works. *shrug*

It was outdoors and there were a zillion people mom and I both know and a ton of little kids and one BILLION toys (and that's only barely exaggerated) and it was SO FUN. Addison and I played and played and played and I got to show her off and pretend a bit that she was my baby (even though most everyone knows she's actually Andy's.)

I just...I DON'T EVEN KNOW. It was an awesome day, full of awesome people and Addison being so precious and adorable that I got TEARS IN MY EYES when I was driving home and thinking about how much I love her.

After the party, we went back to Addison's house and we played in her room together while mom, Andy and April talked about getting Drew's nursery put together. Addison was Very Excited to show me all her toys. Except the stickers. She was annoyed that I made her share, haha.

My brother, before we left: Do not bring her back hopped up on sugar and Mountain Dew.
My mom and I: WE WOULD NEVER.

Addison's lunch = two olives, two cupcakes, half my slice of cake, two bags of chips and a coke.


Happy Saturday y'all.
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