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Like everyone else, I enjoyed Glee a great deal. I'm not sure it can keep up that level of quirk for a whole season, but I can't wait to find out!

I also was really entranced by Cory Monteith, who plays Finn. I wiki'ed him to see if I actually did know him from somewhere or if it was just his striking resemblance to a young Chris Klein that made him looks so familiar. Aaaaaand, he's totally a "you're that guy!" He's been in one episode of pretty much everything -- including Supernatural. HOW ABOUT THAT!

Got my grades yesterday and they're all A's. I pretty much owe my stats grade to jamesinboots talking me down off the ledge and rivers_bend writing J2 study break porn that distracted me enough to not actually SEND the hate mail I wrote to my professor.

Just two summer classes and Capstone (basically a week long exit exam we do instead of a dissertation) to go!

Yesterday I took Max and Val to the vet to be bathed and get their nails cut. It takes a few hours so I drop them off and then go back and pick them up later in the day. When I was there to bring them home, I was waiting outside the grooming room (or whatever it actually is called) and I could hear a guy baby talking to the dogs as he put their leashes on. I mean full-on "is Maxie-Waxie ready to see his mommy?"-type stuff. Said in a baby voice and everything. So then the door opens and it's this HUGE guy, like Hulk-sized! That big guy was baby talking my dogs! It was pretty much completely adorable and awesome.

Tomorrow is when the prompts will go up at spn_meanttobe so GET READY!!
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