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TV hates me, schmoops wins, spn_meanttobe

The picture tube in my TV went out this morning. This is AWESOME because I have company coming tomorrow and I dunno if I can replace it before then. *weeps* Also, I originally thought it was the cable and the guy came out and confirmed that no, it actually was the TV but that my box was old and he wanted to switch it for a new one. Sure, I say.

That was two hours ago and he still can't get the new box working. He's replaced every wire and connection and currently is up in my ATTIC. I don't know. *cries moar*

IN BETTER NEWS! We (by which I mean thehighwaywoman) put up 32 NEW PROMPTS at spn_meanttobe. So if you haven't claimed one yet, there's still time! Go getcha one!!
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