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Hiya LJ!

annkiri went home yesterday and I am sad. I've been having constant fangirl fun for the last week and now it's all over. UNFAIR! (Seriously, we had a blast. GOOD TIMES. Even if she did attempt to dognap Max.)

This week I'm doing Capstone, which is a week-long exit exam MLS students do instead of a dissertation. It's basically writing three essays in six days. Intense but do-able. Depending on how much I procrastinate. I think the unknown is the worst part. The questions open at noon today, so once I actually know what I'm dealing with, I think I'll feel better. Or melt down completely. TO BE DETERMINED!

My TV is all up and running (thanks solely to the efforts of _lisalisa_, azewewish and annkiri). But, when they (the cable people) switched out my DVR, I lost all my programming. This is not fun to try and re-create! I know I'm missing some vital show! It's frustrating but also a little fun. I feel a bit like I'm re-creating myself too. No, seriously.

Oh HEY FANDOM! Where are the best pics from Asylum? Are there icons of Jared's gorgeous long hair and dimples yet? I NEED TO SEE. Please link me? Pretty please with Jensen's glasses on top?

I am feeling this weird urge to be nesting. Both in my house (Hang that poster! Re-frame that picture! Organize the closet!) and on LJ (Overhaul icons! Find new moodtheme! Delete some communities!) It's a little strange. And I'm mostly pretending that it isn't test anxiety or efforts to procrastinate. But. IT PROBABLY IS. All the same. I want new icons and a new moodtheme! *makes grabby hands* And a handyman. If you have one of those, send him over too.

Can I go on record as admitting that I curse at people who post animated GIFs outside a cut? Is this acceptable LJ etiquette now? I missed the memo. Animated GIFs make my computer weep. *sadface*

Check out the trailer for New Moon! Let's not lie, I am VERY EXCITED.

Okokok. I need to go to the grocery store before Capstone opens, so I guess I'll go get on that. Later gators!

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