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baby remember my name

Well, I didn't go see Up after all. (Long story.) But I did go see The Hangover instead. OMG! I laughed my FACE off. I had tears! It was HILARIOUS. I'm not kidding, the audience applauded when it ended. I mean, don't misunderstand. It's not a great movie. But SO FUNNY. Like, I want to OWN it just to watch on bad days so I can cheer myself up. If I could watch it again RIGHT NOW? I WOULD. Whoooo.

Also? Will Tippin Bradley Cooper is still a hotass. YUM.

And the soundtrack was awesome too. I really, really hope that surfaces soon for download. If you have it already, GIMME!

Speaking of music, does anyone have that Jordin Sparks song "Battlefield"? (Y'all are past judging me by now, right??)

P.S. I want to see pictures of Sam/Jared's ass. QUICK! Show me! Blame annkiri. NEED.
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