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Has anyone seen the most recent Food Network Challenge? It's surprise birthday cakes and Kerry Vincent is the mystery client. PEOPLE!!! I could not tear my eyes away from the TV! CAKE DRAMA. There was a crazy person. And a fire extinguisher!!! If you've seen this, come talk to me about it! It defies description!

I have been reading and greatly enjoying the Big Bang stories. Man, we have so many talented people in our fandom. It just continues to blow me away. A lot of them you're already familiar with but some of them you aren't, so...pay attention! Keep reading! I haven't run across a stinker yet! And the ART. Oh MAN. So much creativity and talent. It truly is inspiring.

I have one long BB waiting in my in-box to be betaed and I'm going to start on that later this afternoon. I also have an original fic that I can't wait to have a look at. Again -- people are so freaking talented! It makes me excited.

rhythmsextion wanted an update about the charity baseball game I went to last Saturday, so that's under the cut. I will go ahead and tell you that neither Chris Kane nor Aldis Hodge showed. I sort of suspected that might happen. Ahh well!

The game was at the minor league ballpark in Frisco, which I never had been to before. It's pretty cute, seems nice. But none of the seats are covered, which I somehow failed to assume. I don't know what I was thinking! Anyway, there was a covered boardwalk area behind the seating, so we hung out there before the game just chatting and trying to see if we could recognize anyone warming up on the field. (We could not.)

They were doing a home run derby-thing before the actual game, so we decided to try braving our seats for that. It was boiling hot. I'm not even sure I can describe. I could feel my skin sizzling as we sat there. I burn if I even think about the sun, so I was pretty much just constantly rubbing on sunscreen. At one point, I couldn't even get it to make contact with my skin because I was so sweaty that the sunscreen just sort of...slid off. It was brain meltingly hot.

The game announcer was HILARIOUS. He was the best part of everything. Light-hearted and funny. He'd make fun of the celebs and the fact that no one really seemed to grasp the rules. (Apparently charity games use different rules? I don't know.)

I know Warren Sapp and Joey Fatone did a little...jig-thing when they met at home plate. A mini-Dancing With the Stars reunion, if you will. It was pretty adorable. Mark Cuban's number on his jersey was a $. There was one very pretty boy...Jason Witt, maybe? (Please don't crucify me if I have the wrong name.) That's pretty much all I remember from this part. Did I mention the heat?

There was a break between the derby and the game, so we went back up to the walkway and found a spot in the shade that actually had a bit of a breeze blowing through. We secured 700 bottles of water and delicious Lemon Chills and just cooled off. One of our buddies looked up the weather on her iphone (!) and it was 98 degrees, feeling like 110. Honestly, I feel that was a conservative estimate.

Feeling almost human again, we went back to our seats. Fiiiinnally, the sun went behind the stands a bit, and while still hot, I no longer felt death was imminent.

Joey stood out in left field doing disco moves. I had nachos. mkay9 took a zillion photos (hopefully she'll post them soon) and made sarcastic remarks that will become legendary inside jokes.

After a few innings (four? I don't even remember) we'd had enough and booked it. We had a lovely dinner of Mexican food (I'm sure our fellow diners were unimpressed -- we smelled RIPE) and awesome conversation.

The end!

Now? I have to catch up on all the homework I ignored while annkiri was here. Happy Thursday y'all!
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