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You don't already have enough challenge commitments this summer, do you? I didn't think so. Go check out cliche_bingo. It's multi-fandom, but I have my fingers crossed for some new J2 cliche!fic. Age regression! Body swap! Amnesia! Time travel! *makes grabby hands* I WANT.

Last night I made fajitas and they turned out AWESOME. I ate a plate, wandered away for about 30 minutes, couldn't stand it, came back and ate a whole 'nother helping. MMMM. I barely can wait for lunchtime.

Hey DIY people! When annkiri and I went thrift store shopping a week or so ago, I bought this small wooden plaque. I want to re-do it so it looks pretty again. First thing, it has some sort of glue remnants along the bottom edge (I guess it originally was attached to something else.) Any suggestions for getting that off? I do not know how to do these things!

I am a little bit obsessed with that "Waking Up in Vegas" song. Does anyone have a copy to share? I only just found out it's Katy Perry, which makes me feel awful because I cannot STAND Katy Perry. And yet...Waking Up In Vegas!!! Stupid Katy Perry. *kicks her*

I kind of want some new icons. Any suggestions?

P.S. cliche_bingo!
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