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Today I made rivers_bend's banana chocolate chip muffins and they are SO GOOD. I also made cupcakes (from a mix, but I added brown sugar and chocolate chips) with homemade buttercream frosting. Mmmmmmmmmm. *squints* I can see the sugar coma on the horizon.

I have some links to share with you!

Carved Crayons. These are so freaking cool. They really appeal to me. It's just...something so common transformed into something really unique and beautiful.

I also really love these colored paper sculptures. Just incredible.

I want this t-shirt! Keep Calm and Have Cupcakes

AND. I love these icons, which arabella_hope pointed out...they are inspiring! (ETA: Yes! The icon post is locked! Just join the comm and look at them and then leave. It's worth the two extra clicks!) If you like those, also look at thingswe_forget.

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