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a list

1. Yesterday I saw this icon on a random icon post and all of a sudden? I became OBSESSED with it. Look at the little mole on Sam's chin! And the way his mouth is open! His lips! And Dean's fingers, just wrapped on the spoon!

2. I have in front of me right now a plate with my mom's homemade potato salad (this is the best batch she's ever made), veggie baked beans and two homemade deviled eggs. NOM. 11 a.m. is totally not too early to be eating leftovers, right?!?!

3. Yesterday I asked my Dad to put my new car registration sticker on for me. He came in after and confessed he'd accidentally scraped off the inspection sticker instead. He was very shamefaced and it was a total accident, but now I have to go and get my car inspected ASAP. Only a month early. But but but, I don't WANT to.

4. Have a super busy week coming up. I just made a separate To Do list for each individual day so that nothing gets overlooked.

5. I have been craving salty food like mad lately. Very unusual for me. Weird.

6. Does SPN filming start back this week or next? July 1, got it!

OK, Big Bang time. Later gators!
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