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  • There's a BIG HUGE CRAZY RPS AU FUNTIME EXTRAVAGANZA going on, so check that out. People leave the most whacked-out RPS AU prompts they can think of and then they get claimed and we get crazy comment fic. Totally fun on a Monday morning, right?

  • I don't read HP fic anymore but this challenge is pretty awesome: hbpchallenge. The basic premise is to create something (anything!) HP-related between now and July 29. It's meant to be quick and looks like a fun way to build enthusiasm.

  • I just finished reading Richard Peck's book The Teacher's Funeral: A Comedy in Three Parts for my children's lit class. I haven't read Peck in a very long time, I always forget that I like him. Anyway, I ran across his philosophy on writing, which is intriguing:
    When the author is not traveling, he works at an L-shaped desk, which affords a sunny window. He writes everything on an electric typewriter because "it has to be a book from the first day," he explains. He has no daily routine because of all the traveling he does, but follows a very disciplined writing process. He writes each page six times, then places it in a three-ring binder with a DePauw University cover ("a talisman," he calls this memento from his alma mater). When he feels that he has gotten a page just right, he takes out another 20 words. "After a year, I've come to the end. Then I'll take this first chapter, and without rereading it, I'll throw it away and write the chapter that goes at the beginning. Because the first chapter is the last chapter in disguise."
  • NKOTB concert Friday! I'm waffling about what to wear. Lame, right? But I know I'll be on my feet, which means comfy shoes and I know it'll be hot, so...there's no point in wearing anything that won't stand up to buckets of sweat. Jeans and a t-shirt, per usual, I suppose.

  • My new (and last!) class starts today. It's only five weeks so I hope it isn't a killer. I've never taken a short summer class like that before.

  • I had a nasty headache all weekend. I woke up this morning and it is GONE.

  • Onward and upward!
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