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This has been the strangest week. My schedule was all wonky, which always messes me up. Alas. Hopefully tomorrow I can get back to structure again.

Thursday I spent all day with Addison and April and had a blast. Then I went over to my mom's to help her with some things and then I stayed for dinner so I could see my dad. Fun, but a long and exhausting day.

Today, Andy and April are going to a wedding, so my parents are keeping Addison overnight. I'm going over this evening to help take care of her, which means I get to feed her dinner and give her a bath and dress her in adorable little pajamas. It's kinda my favorite thing. Then, we're all going up to the movie room to watch a DVD, which is our Super Secret Sleuthy way to get Addison to go to sleep at night when she doesn't want to. *beams*

They finally picked a middle name for Drew, so he'll be Andrew Evan. I'm excited about this choice for many reasons. Also, I hope he'll be as sweet as the Evan in Mikey-verse. Preferably with fewer demon-induced superpowers, however.

Here's my favorite Addison story from Thursday: We went to McDonald's for lunch (as you do). I had a side salad, which has two cherry tomatoes on top. I don't like them, so I pulled them off. But Addison loooooves tomatoes, so this happened:

Wendy: Addison, do you want a tomato?
Addison: 'Mato, please!
Wendy: Here you go. *holds it out to her*
Addison: Dip it in the sauce! (aka, the ranch on my salad)
Wendy: *dips* *hands*
Addison: *eats* 'Nother 'mato, please!
Wendy: *dips* *hands*
Addison: *eats* 'Nother 'mato, please!
Wendy: There aren't any more baby.
Addison: I want another 'mato!!
Wendy: Eat your ketchup honey, there are tomatoes in the ketchup.

And then? She plunges her whole hand into the dish of ketchup. She took me literally and thought I meant there were cherry tomatoes hidden IN the ketchup! SO ADORABLE. And messy, which I secretly love too. (What! I'm not her mom!) April tried to explain that ketchup was mashed up tomatoes but I don't think Addison ever really believed us.

Now it's Big Bang reading time. YAY! mid-term paper writing time. BOO.
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