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LiveJournal! I have many things to tell you today!

I woke up early this morning and was in Fort Worth by 10 a.m. to babysit Addison for a couple hours. Today's biggest adventure? POP ROCKS. Oh yes! She loves them! We had lunch and visited with my mom. Poor April is about 700 months pregnant and just miserable. The new baby already is almost eight pounds and there still are three more weeks before delivery. Yipes! Gonna be a Padalecki-sized baby, I think!

Anyway, then I went to Wal-Mart, where it was packed and approximately 556 degrees inside, which sucked. But I got groceries and new measuring cups and zinc tablets and a t-shirt, which you will be seeing tomorrow in a photo. (Shhhh! It's a secret!)

Then, I came home and sent a couple emails and fed the dogs. I was here, hmm, maybe 30 minutes. THEN! My phone rang and it was one of my BFFs who lives an hour away and she was sort of unexpectedly on my side of the world, so we hooked up and went shopping and had a fabulous dinner. Surprise!buddy time! It was amazing! She makes me laugh so much and I just love her to pieces and miss her so much all the time. We had super yummy pasta and too much bread, and great conversation, and everything was DELIGHTFUL.

After that, I JUST SO HAPPENED to be right by the AT&T store, so I stopped in and GOT MY NEW IPHONE. AHHHHHHH! I am very excited about that too! I don't know how to do anything yet! But I'll figure it out. I'm flummoxed by ringtones. This default stuff will not do!

So, tell me everything about iphones! *puts chin on hand* I need to know. Helpful hints? Must haves? GIMME SCOOP!

Aaaaannnddd! LINKS.

  • These icons are gorgeous and make me totally happy.

  • The new notjustroomates prompt was posted yesterday. It is What's best thing about being in Vancouver? So hopefully that will inspire some new fic. Does it inspire YOU?

  • Check out this awesome Genevieve Cortese, Sandra Mccoy & Danneel Harris moodtheme that agt_bush made! Fun!

    AHHHH! *runs around in crazy circles*

    Come talk to me!
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